What makes us really care about olive oil?

It’s the difficult but fascinating journey on which we’ve been since 1992.

30 years ago we founded the company with a single goal – to provide Peloponnese olive oils the representation they deserve. Both locally and abroad.

Since then we’ve been managing around 3000 tons of olive oil from different regions and cultivars per year. This taught us the little differences that make the delicate and complex liquid great and made us obsessed with detail.

But it has also made us humble. We know we will never stop learning.

We improve our products and process daily. We set new and ambitious goals. Like offering a great variety of taste profiles while being fully sustainable.

We’ve been supplying high-quality Peloponnese olive oil to the world for the last three decades. For us, this liquid is everything. That’s why we treat it with love and respect and we don’t intend giving up on our mission anytime soon.


The Sellas Family